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Chesapeake POA

We welcome all neighbors, whether old, new, or just thinking about moving.

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02/23/2023 12:34pm

General Contact Info

Get in touch with us...

Click here to contact us

via the website



Postal Mail:

PO Box 7711

Charlotte, NC  28241


... or contact one of the Board/Committee Members below:


Board of Directors

Chip Lofton

Christina Woods

Bea Padron



Mike Cummins - President

Erik Wehner - Vice President

Chip Lofton - Secretary

Brandon and Beth Belote - Treasurers   []


Committee Chairpersons:

Architectural Review

Bea Padron - Chairperson

Landscape Committee

Mark Avery - Chairperson


Teresa Fesmire - Chairperson

Welcoming Committee

Teresa Fesmire - Chairperson

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